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What is an IHP?

Individualized Health Plan
  • Describes how your child’s health status will be monitored during school and which staff members will be responsible for monitoring. (Who will do what?).

  • Ensures that the school has the proper authorizations and resources to carry out the IHP.

  • Clarifies which medications your child needs during the school day, when and where the medications will be kept and administered, and by whom (e.g., in the Nurse’s office? Classroom?).

  • Clarifies what constitutes a medical emergency for your child.

  • Includes a clearly detailed emergency plan.

  • Establishes a basis for ongoing teamwork, communication, & evaluation between family, school and your child’s healthcare providers.

  • Addresses fitness goals and safe participation in physical education class, sports, field trips and other special events

  • Includes staff training and peer sensitization

  • An Asthma Action Plan is a type of an IHP