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What is an IEP ?

 The Individualized Education Plan
  • The IEP is the ‘road map’ that your school will follow in order to provide your child’s education, when your child is eligible for special education and related services.
  • Each student found eligible for special education will have their own, unique IEP
  • The IEP describes the student’s educational program and also includes:
    • The student’s current educational levels
    • The annual educational goals for the student
    • The student’s educational needs

  • An IEP explains:
    • Who will do what?
    • Where? (e.g., Which classroom(s) or educational setting(s))?
    • How (which methods will be used to meet the student’s educational needs)?
    • For how long? (e.g., 20 minutes of Speech Therapy)
    • How often? (e.g., Occupational Therapy once a week)