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Should I tell the school that my child has asthma?

Keren Chansky Suberri, Ph.D., ABPP
You should absolutely make your school aware that your child has asthma!

  • A copy of the Asthma Action Plan should be on file at your child’s school. 
  • Your child’s Asthma Action Plan should include directives for school personnel. 
  • Make sure all of your child’s teachers are familiar with and understand the Asthma Action Plan. 
  • The School Nurse and the Building Administrator should be familiar with and understand your child’s Asthma Action Plan. 
  • The School Guidance Counselor may be able to facilitate your communication with your child’s teachers, 
    particularly in Middle School and High School settings.

You will need to review your child’s Asthma Action Plan and healthcare needs with school staff 
  • at the beginning of every school year 
  • whenever there is a change to the plan.