How many times will we meet? How long does it take?

Keren Chansky Suberri, Ph.D., ABPP

Current research shows that the average number of therapy sessions is approximately 10 sessions. In my own practice, my average has been approximately five sessions. 

Many parents feel that after 2 or 3 sessions, they are back on track with their lives and their family’s life and they choose to continue on their own, without further assistance from me or another counselor or coach. Parents know that they are welcome to return at any time if they feel they need a ‘tune-up’ or find that they are faced with new and unexpected challenges in their lives.

In families where the child has a life-long disability or illness, it is not unusual for parents to meet with me initially for 3 or 4 sessions over 4 to 6 weeks and to feel that they have received the help that they have needed. Several months later, if there has been a new and unexpected development in their child’s medical situation or if their child has reached a new developmental phase, the family may choose to return for several more sessions. A significant life cycle event, such as relocation, change in school, birth of a sibling, separation, or death of a family member may also lead a family to return for additional meetings with me.

Typically at the end of each session, we decide, together, whether an additional meeting is needed, and if so, with whom and when (how soon) that meeting will take place.